Still Haven't Started Your Web or Mobile Application Due to Budget Constraints?

Applicon Soft specializes in developing rich web and mobile applications that promote our client’s products stand out from their competition. Whether you need an ecommerce solution like Magento or a more complex enterprise application, we can meet your needs. If you are unhappy with your current developer, waste no more of your valuable time. We are waiting for you.

We work hard so you don't have to.

Our team is full of experienced developers that build scalable, secure, and innovative applications. This is all done without compromising the user’s experience.

Are there any risks?

For years we have been building international relationships to take the stress and risks out of your hands. We stand by the quality of our development team and have connections in other countries to continue to grow and strengthen these relationships.

At Applicon Soft each project comes with manager to ensure high quality code and to see that deadlines are met. If there are any issues, we address them immediately. Also, we always set up each project in a versioning system so you always have access to your code.

We also provide all customers with a weekly report detailing what has been accomplished each week and what will be completed the week ahead.

How do I start?

When you decide to put your project in our hands your startup process is one phone call away. You can use phone, skype or email to initiate the process. Following are the steps for startup process:

  • We need to know about your project. We will listen carefully and closely, take notes concerning your situation and the specific challenges and requirements. During the call we'll thoroughly examine the project, hash out technical details, and ensure Applicon Soft will meet your expectations.
  • After analyzing the details, we will update you with a development plan that's best fits your situation. Our project plans include several different service options to best meet the exact needs of our client. We offer fixed cost project plans, ongoing dedicated service as well as a banked hours option for ongoing support.
  • We will select the engineers qualified to accomplish your project and send you the resumes of the selected candidates. The resume will include a summary of the developer’s education, experience, skill/tools and the rate.
  • With so many good engineers to choose from, you'll probably want to narrow down the list with one-on-one interviews. We will arrange individual conversations via Skype if you would like.
  • Once you pick your team, We will send you the necessary paperwork including service agreement and a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We'll set a startup date once you've signed the Service Agreement.
  • The day prior to the start your project, your team will be fully briefed with the details, requirements and expectations. You will receive introductory emails from all your team members, providing all contact details. You will be invited to a meet -n- greet call to connect the whole team prior to the project launch.
  • On your official start date, the fun begins! Each member of your team will be in direct communication with you daily and will provide daily status reports.

The Applicon Soft Difference: Most of our competitors are out of the picture once you've hired your programmer. This isn't how we operate. For us, the job has just begun. You'll have access to your Development Manager, your engineer, and client services whenever you need us. .Contact us now to start your virtual team.

How much does it typically cost?

Cost is dependent on the complexity of your project the ranges represents what our customers typically pay. The ranges represent different levels of experience of the developer.

Our Goals

By December, 2019 We have developed five goals to assist the organisation in fulfilling our mission.

  • We, in association with stakeholders, will ensure that the NFQ and its qualifications are used to develop.
  • Education and training programmes with clear occupational and/or educational purposes and learning outcomes or informed career and other choices.
  • Lifelong learning pathways for personal, social and professional development.
  • We will proactively enable and encourage our staff's ability to develop, thrive, and be fully engaged in their work.
  • We will oversee an improved quality assurance system that is comprehensive and balances accountability and enhancement and promotes local responsibility.

Our Vision

What's behind it all? Great people.

People don't just matter most within our customers' organizations. They matter most to us too.

From the candidate and new hire onboarding experience, to ongoing feedback and coaching, to learning and career development opportunities – we use our own software and services to put the performance of our people at the heart of our talent strategy. You could say we live and breathe talent management.

Our culture underpins our success. It's what drives our focus on our customers, our teammates and being the best in the industry. We're also serious about having fun!

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