What people think about our services

They really make the effort to get us what we need. They understand my mission and the types of people we need. And they understand the constraints I operate under. I'm happy to recommend Applicon Soft because of the level of personal relationship and communication. I am comfortable with them. I am confident in them. I see a strong future for them.

- Mark Spencer

We began using Applicon Soft last year to cope with our excess workload. We have now worked closely with them on a number of projects all of which have been completed on time and in a very professional manner. We have found their technical team and regular communication to be excellent. Having such a great relationship with Applicon Soft certainly gives us greater flexibility with our projects.

- Mike Dollar, CEO

I've turned to Applicon Soft to develop many of my projects and have always been absolutely delighted with the results. Applicon Soft and their skilled team are second to none and have both the vision and the artistic integrity that it simply missing from the vast majority designer/programmer companies around today.

- Steve M, Manager

If you are serious about your project, you really have to consider working with Applicon Soft. I have been working with this company on a few projects, and the results were nothing but great. Prompt communications, very professional team and very good prices.

- Eyal Moshe

Just wanted to thank you for another highly professional job. Your Team are quite outstanding. You always deliver on time and produce high quality websites. As you know I always recommend your services to anyone who asks me about websites and those that you have done work for are highly delighted. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

- Gareth Owen

I have used many offshore programming teams in my day and I will have to say that Applicon Soft and their team are GREAT. From start to finish they will work with you and your clients needs to get job done on a timely manner. Being able to work with Applicon Soft has been a blessing to my company Thanks.

- Ryan Farner

Excellent! They did exactly what I needed and their turn around was very fast. Very easy to communicate with. I highly recommend!

- Tania C, Proprietor

Wonderfull Provider, I have hired him for many projects so far.

- John Smith CEO & Founder

Applicon Soft is an innovative and professional company that has provided Achievement Technologies with valuable development services. We are very happy with our decision to use Applicon Soft, as their expertise has translated into a distinct competitive advantage for us. Overall, this is a great company to work with!

- Little jules

We were a little scared before hiring Applicon Soft. We needed an amazing App design and website development. They listened to our requirements carefully and worked just accordingly. Their team is so friendly and highly cooperative. They presented a great application and came up with an eye appealing design in a very short time. No doubt, Applicon Soft has skills and knowledge. We recommend them for IT solutions!

- Bojon Mise

Working with Applicon Soft was a great pleasure. We needed assistance in website development and they did everything smoothly and accurately. They provide precise and timely services. They are creative and bring innovative ideas.

- Alexander Miles

It was a refreshing experience to work with Applicon Soft. They communicate professionally. They are the talented guys offering amazingly affordable software development services. We got what we wanted! They are the best developers, we have ever seen!

- Asa Jole

We asked Applicon Soft to develop our new website with the help of latest web developing techniques. They understood our requirements and developed an amazing website that is fully featured and eye catching.

- Lenord kitts, Country Manager

We hired them for web development. They have a remarkable team that provide quality work. They are flexible and open hearted people. They work efficiently and accurately. Stay blessed Applicon Soft!

- Shephen Wills

New ideas with best solutions! Applicon Soft provided us awesome ecommerce development services. They bring new ideas and simpler solutions for every issue. They worked on our website and made it attractive and full of new features.

- Sam Fin

Our decision to select Applicon Soft has proven to be well founded. The all round capabilities of the software, support provided and the ability of an organization to deliver on its promises are vital factors on which Applicon Soft has met our expectations. We look forward to expanding our relationship by rolling out the Applicon Soft platform.

- Dr. Dest

Using cutting edge application software solutions tailored to our requirements, Applicon Soft have provided their knowledge and expertise to ensure an award winning result.

- Mike Francis

The rollout of the system is a milestone for both, but Applicon Soft helped us to done it efficiently.

- Mr. Kong Linshan President

Well trained, professional attitude, attention to detail and good resource management even in the face of adverse conditions are qualities that we have come to associate with the Applicon Soft.

- Melting Pot

Applicon Soft signed a contract for the maintenance & support services for the 3 websites. It was a five-year contract, renewable on yearly basis.

- John Frank

Project Management and Consultation services, Applicon Soft was responsible for providing Project Management services for the deployment of inhouse HR and accounts applications and they delivered what was committed.

- Paris Jackson, HR Manager

HR Selection and Recruitment System, Applicon Soft was awarded the contract for the design, development, implementation and testing of an HR Selection and Recruitment System. They delivered us awesome application and now dealing with support and maintenance of the system.

- Jeff Kurtzman

Working with Applicon Soft has been a pleasure. They helped us take an idea and make it a reality. They are very professional, timely and willing to work with you. We have been extremely pleased with our developer in particular and his dedication to getting the work done – and always with a positive attitude.

- Stephan Starway

I worked with Applicon Soft for over 2 years. Their staff was amazing to work with and their capabilities were unmatched. Most important, the team was responsive to requests and understanding of deadlines and always put in extra effort when needed to meet a deadline. I highly recommend Applicon Soft.

- Richard S. Jones

As a C.E.O. and Developer I find myself with too much on my end. I have used Applicon Soft since 2011 with complex and easy additional development of our web and mobile. This keeps me free to run my company with the confidence of confidentiality, targeted development solutions and ideas. Applicon Soft has certainly set and maintains the bar when it comes to any/all new or existing development, integration, and/or mobile I.T. solutions and would recommend to any company.

- Lawrence D. Ruggles

To sum it up in one word, the application we now have working in place is "Superb!" Working with your team has been a great pleasure. I want to thank you and Applicon Soft staff for the great service and for putting together such a outstanding, time-saving set of modules for application and my operation. The project experience has given a better understanding of where we need to focus attention to get better results. To have IT experts who quickly grasp realities of my needs. It has been an excellent investment in both terms i.e time and money. You brought to this project a focus on highly innovative communications, and extremely high-level of programming expertise, along with proactive project interaction and the many other people involved in this project, and a real willingness to understand our key business issues, budget requirements and you have exceeded my expectations.

- Thomas S. Knudsen

At the beginning of the project, we knew we'd be outsourcing at some point and I was looking at all options. Applicon Soft was the one that was meeting a lot of the criteria. So we decided to work with them on building a small component! We've also tried someone else in parallel for other components of the project. But for different reasons, Applicon Soft has been great, absolutely outstanding. I've been uninterrupted over the holidays and the project has been kept on track. To say top-notch communication doesn't even describe it, it's been super-top-notch. There's nothing I'd change about the way they're doing it. The project is still in the works.

- Pablo Butler

I want to say that Applicon Soft is very good what they did for me. They are bringing my system into the new way of working on the web. I have never been more excited about a project than what is being developed for me now. I am also continually coming up with more ideas to make it more powerful and also new systems I want developed. I can't express how happy I am to have found Applicon Soft and their services.

- Benjamin Dillard

Applicon Soft has been one of the best decisions we have made and I would recommend them to anyone. Last year we started using services of Applicon Soft programmers to help troubleshoot problems with our website. Applicon Soft has completely lived up to its promise and provide us with a knowledgeable programmer who would be available and dedicated to us like an onsite employee. The cost effectiveness is of great value but more than that everyone from our programmer to supervisors and the U.S. team have been wonderful to work with and extremely professional. We started this project with some hesitation because we had never used Applicon Soft, or any other offsite contractor before and were unsure of the quality of the employees. We were so impressed that we choose to continue contracting our Applicon Soft programmer and have been still working with them. They become an integral part of our team, not only doing what we ask, but also offering helpful suggestions, explaining complex issues and keeping us up to date with the daily work load.

- James Nelson

When our main programmer left us, we found ourselves in a position where we had a number of projects to be completed without the capacity to implement them. As a result, our business was in a major crisis as we were left unable to deliver the work promised and not in a position to try to get new business. We contacted them and get rid of this mess. We hired two dedicated engineer having much better skills than our original at lower cost. We have been so impressed with their service, we have already recommended them to other companies and have no hesitation in singing their praises elsewhere.

- Alfred Andreasen

Applicon Soft was very cost effected and prompted me to start investigating them, and although price wasn't our only motive it was a major factor. I had a call with their technical manager and I felt this was something I should be using. We ended up using Applicon Soft for the entire thing. Overall, we're real pleased and looking forward to a long-term relationship with Applicon Soft. And, we're planning on going international so we're going to use Applicon Soft for all that and we're excited about it. In our first two weeks, we already had over 200 registered users and over 20 enrollment applications. We're very much glad Applicon Soft is a part of it.

- Djordi Niks

Choosing the right company to facilitate your outsourcing needs is a bit tricky. Our decision to outsource came suddenly when we were faced with more work than we could handle. I contacted a few companies as was very disappointed in their ability to understand my situation, and provide quick and reliable service. Within a week they had set up my company, found the "RIGHT" employees, but they did not stop there. They made sure that I understood the in's and out's of outsourcing, and even helped me understand the culture. If it was not for their in exhaustive customer service, and knowledge of my line of work MY business would have failed.

- Oliver Shore

We are impressed by Applicon Soft from our very first contact with the company. They understood our needs perfectly and provide solution in a very short time. Their first choice has turned out to be a perfect fit for us. The customer care at Applicon Soft is also impressive – they contact us regularly to ask if there is anything we need and are always available to us.

- Erik Decker

You demonstrated that you can provide top-notch experts in the field of software development, web based products and always below budget. The new web-based customer service software had an immediate impact to our budget. This enabled us to pick up additional contracts and expand our business by 35%.

- Michael D. Peters

Project completed before one month, so I was happy with the turnaround. My programmer was always online and I could contact him everyday. But, it was really nice that Applicon Soft managed all the details like making sure he was there and calculating his 40 hours a week. They analyze my project very well and provide resources accordingly. I am able to finish all my backlog and now using their services regularly.

- Patrick Leatherwood

Our Goals

By December, 2019 We have developed five goals to assist the organisation in fulfilling our mission.

  • We, in association with stakeholders, will ensure that the NFQ and its qualifications are used to develop.
  • Education and training programmes with clear occupational and/or educational purposes and learning outcomes or informed career and other choices.
  • Lifelong learning pathways for personal, social and professional development.
  • We will proactively enable and encourage our staff's ability to develop, thrive, and be fully engaged in their work.
  • We will oversee an improved quality assurance system that is comprehensive and balances accountability and enhancement and promotes local responsibility.

Our Vision

What's behind it all? Great people.

People don't just matter most within our customers' organizations. They matter most to us too.

From the candidate and new hire onboarding experience, to ongoing feedback and coaching, to learning and career development opportunities – we use our own software and services to put the performance of our people at the heart of our talent strategy. You could say we live and breathe talent management.

Our culture underpins our success. It's what drives our focus on our customers, our teammates and being the best in the industry. We're also serious about having fun!

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