Why Us;

Applicon Soft is an opportunity to partner with an organization that’s, “Got Your Back!”. We offer a pretty cool hybrid solution that offers our client the advantage of hiring through an established capable, trustworthy company vs. onboarding additional employees directly.

First, we do the bulk of the recruiting and screening legwork for you, which can be a huge time saver. Next, if or should your team member leave, gets sick, or gets promoted, you’re not scrambling to replace them. We got you. We will review our available resource and offer a replacement immediately. If the perfect replacement is not readily available, we will work with you to find the exact talent needed.

In addition to saving a lot of valuable time, there is a considerable cost saving as well. Hiring through Applicon Soft can make for a simpler tax burden come tax time too. The fees you pay for our services are a quick line-item deductible expense, you don’t have to stress about whether a freelance contractor you hired is technically an employee in the eyes of the IRS. We take care of all that. You are left with more time and money on your hand. What will you do with all that time?

We Aren't Far;

Your account manager is located in Tolland, CT 06084. Unlike traditional virtual service companies, often lacking the ability to provide quality communication and results, our sales office is right here in the U.S. When you call Applicon Soft, you connect with one of our experienced representatives, who is ready to hear all about your goals and challenges. Likewise, if you counter any problem during the development of your project, you're not forced to wait the night to speak to someone. Your account manager is available in your time zone to listen to your concerns and offer a solution.

How We Deal;

Work 16 Hours a Day under GMT & EST time Zone. 3000+ Successful Stories. 90% Project Execution before Deadline.

50+ In house Professionals that includes Designers, Front end, Back end Developers, SEO Experts and much, much more.

Quality is our first and only priority – we value and care for our customers as a Family.

Stay in touch with our clients every step of the way. Commination, Responsibility and Transparency.

Our Goals

By December, 2019 We have developed five goals to assist the organisation in fulfilling our mission.

  • We, in association with stakeholders, will ensure that the NFQ and its qualifications are used to develop.
  • Education and training programmes with clear occupational and/or educational purposes and learning outcomes or informed career and other choices.
  • Lifelong learning pathways for personal, social and professional development.
  • We will proactively enable and encourage our staff's ability to develop, thrive, and be fully engaged in their work.
  • We will oversee an improved quality assurance system that is comprehensive and balances accountability and enhancement and promotes local responsibility.

Our Vision

What's behind it all? Great people.

People don't just matter most within our customers' organizations. They matter most to us too.

From the candidate and new hire onboarding experience, to ongoing feedback and coaching, to learning and career development opportunities – we use our own software and services to put the performance of our people at the heart of our talent strategy. You could say we live and breathe talent management.

Our culture underpins our success. It's what drives our focus on our customers, our teammates and being the best in the industry. We're also serious about having fun!

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